Why to Be Vegetarian or Satvic

What you eat and drink, by whom and how it is made has a major effect on your mind, which in turn impacts your thoughts and actions. One who eats animals gets qualities of animals from DNA. Animals don’t have intellects, so we should not eat meat to have good decision-making skills. Being satvic is good not only for decision-making skills, but also for your mood and behavior. We have been through so many births and deaths and to be satvic you should be blessed in this age. Eating meat produces sins, the cruelty involved to get it to meat is just too much. Consuming satvic food which is offered to God, helps in erasing the layers of karmic impressions deeply imprinted within you. As these karmic impressions get erased, you will be able to focus more clearly on the divinity within you. Food that is heavy makes the mind tamasic: heavy and can cause irritability, dullness, and depression. Rajasic food makes your mind aggressive, greedy, selfish, making your life miserable. Food that is satvic makes the mind light, appeases the emotional activities and brings joy and satisfaction. So it’s your choice, continue with the life of bad decision making, aggressiveness, dullness, or freshen your life with peace, joy, and happiness. Basically eat satvic live better. Fun Fact: There are around Vegetarians in The World

Short Vegetarian and Satvic Guide:

1. We should be vegetarian, because we don’t want to feed the god inside of us meat and nonsatvic foods. Following these diet restrictions, is based upon the love and concern we have on god. To grow satvic qualities, satvic food is very essential. If one does not follow that, it means he is not interested in satvic qualities and then he is need not be considered as a devotee at all. Our actions speak accurate about our thoughts, more than our words and feelings. Hence diet also proves about a real devotee.

2. Inside of you there is a mobile temple of god, so make the mobile temple of god in you clean, and pure by staying away from junk food

3. Remember the food is god’s not ours and the taste is if god likes the food.

4. If you’re satvic your decision making skills will be better

5. While you are eating imagine that the god inside of you is eating the food. Ask god please accept this food before you eat. It is a sin to eat food for yourself and not feeding the god. It is god’s food not yours. If someone looks at food thinking it’s for him or her and not for god, the food turns rajasic.

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6. Just because you eat satvic doesn’t mean that you are satvic, you have to dress, speak, eat, take showers, and look at pure satvic things to be satvic and even then you have to have a cook that thinks that they are cooking to serve god with a pure mind. You can’t eat the food in anger also, and can’t have the food prepared in anger. Unfortunately nowadays people keep on serving too much food to the people, and eating too much food can make the food Ta:masic, so don’t ask for too much food. Anything taken too much, and yes even rice, can make the food Ta:masic, so take food in moderation

7. Being sa:tvic is joy, we dress sa:tvic,we have a sa:tvic environment, we eat sa:tvic (The toughest task for some:)), and we speak sa:tvic, but if something wrong is happening, you can talk aggressive to stop it. ELIMINATE THE BAD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND PROMOTE THE GOOD.

8. The food that we take is transformed in three different ways: the gross or the heaviest part of it becomes the excrement; that of medium density is transformed into flesh and the finest part goes to form the mind. Just as in the churning of curd, its fine particles rise up and are transformed into butter, so too when food is consumed, the subtlest part rises up and is transformed into the mind.

9. Don’t worry if you accidentally take something nonveg or nonsa:tvic, you are not responsible for that

10. You can eat meat or nonsa:tvic things if you have to, like in a life or death situation, or taking necessary medicine.

11. Surrender to god to increase the sa:tvic qualities.

12. Be careful, sometimes at restaurants, there may be cross contamination, of meat when the workers don’t change their gloves, so when ordering food ask the workers to change their gloves

13. Do not consume overly salted food, overly spiced, burnt food, and stale food maybe kept for longer than three hours. Avoid coffee as it is ra:jasic. The most commonly missed food in all of this is chocolate, chocolate is not satvic because it causes more desires and passion.

14. Never waste food offered to god, even if you have to eat it after three hours that it was cooked.

15. Eat food in a settled atmosphere to gain maximum vitality from food. If you talk on the phone, watch TV or conduct a business meeting over lunch, your food is not going to digest properly. It will probably create ama, which is the cause of dullness and fatigue. Eating while standing, walking or driving also creates ama rather than energy. Turn off the electronic devices and eat with someone you care about.

16. Unfortunately, we’re very oriented towards our careers and material achievement, and we put cooking and eating very low on the list of priorities of the day. Most people are grabbing food on the run, they’re eating in their cars, they’re having business lunches where they’re having sandwiches and chips brought in, and they’re drinking coke with it. Whatever’s convenient, whatever’s simple, whatever’s readily available, that is what people are eating, please notice that.

17. Avoid refrigerated, processed, artificially colored, canned and chemically preserved foods as far as you can. They increase ama, or toxic undigested matter in the physiology; tax the body’s agni, or digestive fire; lack vitality; and do not stimulate your Sattva. Don’t also eat food cooked twice.

18. By offering the food to be eaten by god(think that you’re feeding the god inside when you eat, it may be hard at first but you can succeed), man will free himself from sensual gratification.

19. It may be thought that there is no scientific proof that what the cook is thinking doesn’t pass on to the food, but the fire carries the thoughts of the cook to the food, so avoid outside food to stay in the spiritual path(the main point of our life on earth here).

20. Even when body is not at all in good use, but mind is in good condition, it is valued much like great scientist of the era Mr. Stephen Hawkins. That’s why we should be striving for a pure and good mind also.

21. Some foods, may be good to the body but not to the mind. Hence, they were considered as ta:masic. Onion or Garlic is the best example. Both are good to the body, but not to the mind. For animal kingdom body growth and protection are priority. Whereas for man, body is useless when mind is not in sound health. Those items which are bad by their progeny, are considered tha:masic. (ex – meat, onion etc.). Whereas, items which become bad by external influences are ra:jasic. (fall of unwanted stuff dust/insects/hair/nails etc., on food items, items owned by evil people or given to us with bad intention etc.). To see such items superficially look good, but their influence on mind is unavoidable. Hence, they are avoided by people who aspire in keeping their mind pure with positive energy or satvic.




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