The law of karma records everything we do. Karma means activity. So a karmic reaction would be a result of one’s activities. In this case, even if we don’t directly hurt a human or animal,we still partake in something that caused suffering. Thus, we will have to undergo some pain and suffering as a reaction to that activity. That reaction may come in this life or a future life which is one reason to be a vegetarian.Even the Mahabharata said, “The sins generated by violence curtail the life of the perpetrator. Therefore, even those who are anxious for their own welfare should abstain from meat-eating.” (Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva 115.33).

People always ask the question, “What about killing plants? Doesn’t that create bad karma?” Abstaining from killing is one of the foundational teachings of Hinduism. Yes, killing plants does involve some violence, but since plants lack a central nervous system and a brain to process pain, they don’t experience pain the same way humans and animals do, and thus the violence is minimized. Moreover, a lot of fruits and vegetables will fall off the tree when ripe. A cow or pig will never just drop a part of its body and grow another.

Meat is not Satvic so it will be bad for the intellect also on top of that.A vegetarian diet on top of that is good for your health, and taste is temporary, it’s not permanent, while karma is permanent and it impacts your life. Just remember we eat to live not to taste.