Things That Surpisingly Are Non-Vegetarian

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    • Cheese sometimes have animal rennet, so don’t eat cheeses with animal rennet.

    • Some yogurts contain gelatin so look carefully.

    • Some cake mixes can have beef fat so look carefully at those ingredients.

    • Some white sugars can contain bone char which is made from cattle bones so don’t have bone char.

    • Worcestershire Sauce – Anchovies, however there are vegan brands

    • Marshmallows – Gelatin, there are vegan brands though, thank goodness!)

    • Altoids – Gelatin

    • White Sugar – Not all sugar is processed using bone char, but some still are. Your body really doesn’t need white sugar, so you’re better finding a healthier sweetener anyway :

    • Jello/Jelly – Gelatin

    • Frosted Mini Wheats – Contains gelatin, but the Kashi brand is gelatin-free!

    • Apple Juice – Some apple juices are clarified using the bladder of fish, isinglass)

    • Some jams – Some contain gelatin

    • Certain gummy candies – gelatin

    • Paintballs – Apparently most contain gelatin

    • Tattoo ink – While there are some plant-based dyes, a lot of the black inks are made from charcoal made by burning animal bones. Who knew? I didn’t.

    • Galaxy Brand Veggie Slices – Not vegan or dairy free. What.

    • Red Dyes – Many red dyes are coloured using the scales of tiny insects (Can be listed in the ingredients as Natural Red #4)

    • Seasoned/BBQ-flavoured chips/crisps – Many contain traces of milk and/or animal fat

    • Non-dairy Creamer – Contains caseinate, which is derived from milk.

    • Dry-roasted Peanuts – At least the Planters kind, contains gelatin

    • MorningStar Veggie “Sausage” Patties – traces of dairy

    • Certain Canned vegetable soups – can be made with beef stock.

    • Certain Orange Juice brands – Fish oil and lanolin.

    • Dryer Sheets/Detergents – Many dryer sheet brands/cleaners aren’t vegan.

    • Some Vitamins/Supplements – Many kinds contain animal bi-products, especially in the capsules/casings.

    • Some chewing gums – Animal-derived glycerin, not to mention aspartame. Ick.

    • Soda/Cola – Many contain insect-derived dyes and other animal bi-products.

    • Minute Maid Grapefruit Juice – insect-derived dyes.

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