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Why cow protection?2019-01-19T17:18:02+00:00

Some think protection is for endangered species, and since there are billions of cows, it’s better to concentrate on whales or the leopards. If there are other animals why only the cow. The actual philosophical reason for cow protection is very simple. All living entities deserve protection from slaughter and other violence. According to Vedic civilization, there are seven mothers. The birth mother, the nurse, the wife of the father (if she is not the birth mother), the wife of the king, the wife of the spiritual master, the earth and the cow. You may wonder why the cow is one of the seven mothers. It is because her milk nourishes us. The sentiment itself is so fine that simply for supplying milk, the cow is accepted as one of the seven mothers.

Is Coffee Satvic?2019-07-06T02:48:47+00:00

Jai Srimannarayana!

Coffee is not satvic and is prohibited for all as it is addicting and without it you feel fatigued so it’s rajasic. Even if you want it to stay up late for services it is prohibited as if you take it once and you get addicted, it’s just like smoking.

I Can’t Survive Without This Medicine That is Non-Veg Can I Take it?2018-07-26T16:18:39+00:00

The answer is yes, you can take the medicine or food that is non-veg if you need it to survive.

Just wondering how did saatvic, raajasic, and taamasic foods come to be? Someone told that Raajas and Taamas comes from the Trisanku Swargam, but he said to check as we don’t know for sure about its true authenticity.2018-07-26T16:21:13+00:00

Jai Srimannarayana! Items identified as Ra:jasic, Tha:masic or sa:twic did not come from blue or were imported from Trisanku Swarga. All these are available stuff from our world only.

Classification was done depending upon the action they show on human mind when consumed

Some, may be good to the body but not to the mind. Hence, they were considered as ta:masic.

Onion or Garlic is the best example. Both are good to the body, but not to the mind.

For animal kingdom body growth and protection are priority.

Whereas for man, body is useless when mind is not in sound health.

Even when body is not at all in good use, but mind is in good condition, it is valued much like great scientist of the era Mr. Stephen Hawkins.

Those items which are bad by their progeny, are considered tha:masic. (ex – meat, onion etc.)

Whereas, items which become bad by external influences are ra:jasic. (fall of unwanted stuff dust/insects/hair/nails etc., on food items, items owned by evil people or given to us with bad intention etc.)

To see such items superficially look good, but their influence on mind is unavoidable. Hence, they are avoided by people who aspire in keeping their mind pure with positive energy or sa:twic.


My Child Doesn’t Care if He is Satvic or Not What Should I do?2018-07-26T16:33:57+00:00

Bringing your child up in a disciplined manner in where he will obey you is what you should do. You need to teach them in the early age before they start getting individuality and think they know everything. If it is too late, then you have to teach him on the effects of what non-satvic foods do. If your child doesn’t care about any of this then you have to tell him,”Eating food is temporary, and sins last for a long time”. If you don’t bring your child up right at a young age, you will let him have peer pressure from the other modernizing people, and your child will most likely go away from the tradition you have. Please visit the samasrayanams page, so you can have your child in the right protected path.

It is So Hard To Be Satvic or Vegetarian and Pure What Should I do?2018-07-26T16:26:30+00:00

Just remember food is temporary and karma stays with you for a long time. Just have satvic friends, and don’t eat outside food unless you are forced to. Thoughts transfer from the fire that is being cooked that’s why we shouldn’t eat at restaurants cooked by who do you know? There are many temptations, but do you really want to harm the mobile temple of god in your body? All those temporary foods could take anyone in a bad turn and just go down in the wrong path as the thoughts that transfer and the qualities that you get can harm you very much in the spiritual path.

I Eat Satvic food, But I am Still Rajasic or Tamasic2018-07-26T16:30:43+00:00

It may be the fact that the person who cooks for you is having bad and impure thoughts. Hanging out with non-satvic people could be effecting you, as the decisions they make can be what you make also. You may be eating a lot of food, but just remember food itself is not satvic so you need to have a limit on eating food. Your eating habits or drinking habits could be effecting you, like if you walk while you drink it is considered a sin, and if you eat really fast it is considered rajasic. The direction you eat can change if the food is satvic, like eating in the west and south direction is bad, for the south direction is like having flesh and blood, and eating in the west direction is like having drugs. There are many factors that effect it and it’s not just food there are satvic colors, what you watch has to be satvic, and etc.

Can’t We Offer Anything to God So He Will Purify, even Like Meat?2018-11-24T04:24:09+00:00

No, because it will still harm your intellect and make you have an animal like nature. Food offered to god is meant to purify the soul and body. You will have more concentration on god if you are satvic, and would you really want to offer something bad to god? God will not like that if you knowingly offer it knowing it is wrong. In different yugas maybe there were nuclear winters so they would use deer skin for some things when they needed to, but the yogis have the capability to eat meat and still concentrate on god if they have to, but one big thing is that sasthras say you can’t kill an animal, there has to be a reason(maybe life or death situation, or something like that).

Can We Eat Outside Food?2018-07-26T16:36:32+00:00

We shouldn’t eat outside food because the thoughts of the cooker can transfer to the food, and if the cooker had bad thoughts we would have bad thoughts, but if we have to eat outside food with no other option, we can but offer it to god so he can purify it, but eat satvic food at the restaurant, say “Govinda please take this”.

Do We Harm Plants When We Eat or Kill Them?2018-07-19T06:04:05+00:00

No study has ever shown that plants can “feel pain”. They lack the nervous system and brain necessary for this to happen, so by eating plants we will not harm them. It is a natural reaction for plants to be cut, so it doesn’t feel it.


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