Satvic colors are soft, light and bring peace to the mind. Some colors are Rajasic. They bring agitation. Others are tamasic, they bring dullness or worse, they bring out the dark side. The color black has a generally negative effect on the mind.  It is the color of mystery and darkness and it can take the mind into darker places. It is a strong and powerful color. It is the color of mystery and the unknown. Most people wear colors that look good on them.  They may even perceive dress and color as a source of fun. However, without a broader understanding of the effects of color, a person may unconsciously be affecting how their mind works, their thoughts and feelings. Black creates separation from the world. Black is also an acceptable color for natural colors because it is naturally okay to see, for example, your hair may be black, that’s ok, those type of things are ok to be black as they are originally naturous.