A Sattvic mind lends itself to clear, calm, creative thinning and allows us to create solutions. A sattvic diet consists of food that gives life, strength and energy to the individual. Sattvic foods come from the word Sattva, originally a Sanskrit word, is defined as the quality of purity and goodness. Sattvic foods are therefore pure, clean and wholesome. A Sattvic diet consists of food that gives life, strength and energy to the individual. The Bhagavad Gita describes the Sattvic foods as promoting life, virtue, strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. It also says that Sattvic foods are savory, smooth, firm and pleasant to the stomach.Organic foods are therefore recommended for both their purity and vitality. Food should be fresh and freshly prepared. Also the way Sattvic food is prepared is also important, which means the persons state of mind when making the food should be positive and the food is best prepared with a state of love and awareness. This is important because many believe the emotions or energy of the person preparing the food is passed on to the food.You should also be sa:tvic for total surrenderence to god, and people can become bad with thamo and rajo guna, but wih sattva guna it may be a at least transparency with god being the doer and you being the watcher.

Being Satvic creates purity in one’s mind which leads you to god.
When the mind is stable and pure,the faculty of discrimination is sharpened, following which knowledge ripens and culminates in Bhakthi. The mind is stable and pure when you don’t eat nonveg, nonveg can cause ignorance,people to be depressed,a lazy mind,and a bad intellect.

Bhakthi is a selfless, overpowering love for the Lord. This can be attained only when knowledge of the higher power is attained. This knowledge can be attained when you perform your action sincerely and efficiently.

Doing your duty to the utmost perfection of which you are capable is the foothold of all spiritual discipline.

One must work incessantly and, in the process, give up all mental attachment like attachment to eating non veg food. It is possible to perform your duties in this manner only when you have a basic understanding of who you are, why you have come here, and what is to be attained. Knowledge and action are very closely linked. A man acts according to his knowledge. With knowledge as a base, when you perform your duties in the right manner, your mind becomes purified and the knowledge of the Self, or God, can then be preserved in the mind. When this knowledge ripens, love of God blossoms.


Vegetarian _________ Some meat____________  Heavy meat diet__________

Never____ Occasionally______ Frequently____

Calm, pure______Mixed_______Disturbed__________

6-8 Hours of sleep to be sa:tvic

Low_________ Moderate__________ High________________

Good______ Moderate__________ Weak_______________

Calm and peaceful________ Agitated___________ Dull________________

High_____________ Moderate___________ Low_______________

Selfless_______________For personal goals_______Lazy_______________

Rarely______________ Sometimes___________ Frequently_____________

Rarely________________ Sometimes___________ Frequently_____________

Little_______________ Frequent_____________ Excessive______________

Modest_______________ Some Ego____________ Vain_________________

Never___________ Sometimes_________ Frequently_____________

Universal_______________ Personal___________ Lacking in love_________


Little______ Some_________ A lot_______________

Usually____________ Partly___________ Never______________

Easily__________ With effort________ Holds grudges___________

Good_______ Moderate_____________ Poor________________

Good_______________  Moderate____________ Poor_________________

Strong___________ Variable_____________ Weak________________

Always______ Most of the Time_______ Rarely_______________

Always____________ Most of the Time_______ Rarely_______________

Generally______ Partly______________ Rarely_______________

High_____________ Moderate____________ Low________________

Daily________ Occasionally________ Never______________

Daily________ Occasionally________ Never______________

Daily_____________ Occasionally________ Never______________

Much_________________ Some______________ None________________

Sattva_____________ Rajas_____________________ Tamas________________