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  • Don’t eat skittles it is made of beetles.

  • Starbursts have gelatin.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream, sometimes the “natural flavors”,are made with a beavers rear end.

  • Hard coated candies usually have bug juice in them

  • Salted Peanuts sometimes have pig hooves.

  • BBQ Potato chips sometimes contain chicken and beef fat.

  • Lucky charms has animal bones

  • Chocolate M&M’s are supposed to have beef in it.

  • Rice crispy treats, have marshmallows which have gelatin.

  • Some candy corns have gelatin.

  • Sprinkles and candies have beetle juice so don’t eat those.

  • The color red  supposedly has crushed bugs in it so don’t eat it. The ingredient name may be cochineal

  • Don’t eat hostess products beef fat in it!

  • Just remember, if you think god is inside of you, you wouldn’t want to feed god any junk food including candy.


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