Some Things You May Use in Your Daily Life May Not Be Vegetarian

/Some Things You May Use in Your Daily Life May Not Be Vegetarian
Some Things You May Use in Your Daily Life May Not Be Vegetarian2018-07-18T19:02:12+00:00
  • Fireworks bring far worse suffering to animals maybe during the manufacturing process. They may contain stearic acid, which may come from the fatty tissue of animals. It is used to coat the metal powders to prevent oxidation maybe, allowing compositions to be stored for a longer period of time.

  • Toothpaste gets its texture from glycerin, although it can come from plants, it is much less expensive and more likely to be taken from extracting the fat from animal bones. Eww!! That’s like brushing your teeth with lard. Since most labels simply state “glycerin” as an ingredient, the only way to know which type is used in a product is to do your research. Not feeling so minty fresh anymore? For vegan-friendly products try Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste.

  • Crayons contain tallow, or processed beef fat, so search it up if your brand of crayons are vegetarian. That’s actually what gives them that crayon-y smell. Alternatives could be this vegan arts supply store –

  • Wood glue may be made from the connective tissue of horses. An alternative is elmers wood glue.

  • There are numerous animal products that can be found in shampoo and conditioner. When you read “Panthenol”, “Amino Acids”, or “Vitamin B”, to name a few, it can be animal or plant derived – making it hard to determine. On top of this, there is a new trend of using products containing keratin, which is protein from hooves, horns, and animal hair. It can also be obtained from turtle shells, claws or scales, depending on the strength or hardness desired by the manufacturer. Look for cruelty-free symbols, such as a rabbit, to be certain a product has no animal byproducts. I think that whole foods shampoo’s the best option, or look for vegan amazon shampoos –

  • The “slip agent” in plastic bags allows them to easily separate from each other derives from stearic acid, which is made from beef fat. An alternative to this are reusable paper bags like the ones at Whole Foods, or vegan bags You


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