Satvic – Sa:tvic food nurtures not only the body, it nurtures the mind, senses and soul also. It gives the mind positive energy and contributes to a better thought process. That leads to having a positive attitude and a peace of mind, which can give righteous decisions adhering to dharma. Then life becomes beautiful with sharing, caring, giving, and living in harmony.

Basically Eat Satvic Live Better

Rajasic – Causes the mind to be always aggressive, possessive, overexcited, greedy, and selfish. Always behind possession, acquiring more and more to own. Makes the life miserable.

Tamasic – Makes the mind lazy, ignorant, dull, depressed, and causes a bad intellect. Causes people to live for only food, sleep, and not for anyone or anything else.

Makes life pretty much useless where there is no point in living it at all.

Many cooking ingredients like pungent spices, appetizers, pickles etc. lack any nutritive value and are
manifestly harmful for health; and so are the processes of frying, stewing etc. These render even healthy
food useless and undeleterious. Materials inimical to health are found not only in the kitchen but also
outside; e.g. liquor and intoxicants of various kinds, tobacco, zarda, gutka and so many other such
things have acquired the status food supplements and are used in a routine way.